Providing a place of safety for our neighbors experiencing homelessness, and helping to get them home - a very powerful gift. image

Providing a place of safety for our neighbors experiencing homelessness, and helping to get them home - a very powerful gift.

Standing with our neighbors as they work to overcome homelessness.

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Shelter and Affordable Housing for Your Homeless Neighbors

The spirit of people who have virtually nothing can easily be crushed by homelessness. It is a time when people feel invisible and alone.

YOUR GIFT PROVIDES A SAFE PLACE. Few things strip people of their sense of security more profoundly than experiencing homelessness. At HHC our goal is to address this most basic security issue by providing a place to sleep, access to food, a shower, a locker, and secure storage for essential items. Feeling safe is the foundation to rebuilding.

YOUR GIFT CREATES A WELCOMING COMMUNITY. All human beings need a supportive, caring community. HHC staff and volunteers don't simply provide a service, they are also experienced neighbors eager to make each person know they are welcome and worthwhile. The people served at HHC are not clients but guests. Hospitality is our middle name. Our commitment to our community is key to the healing process.

YOUR GIFT CONNECTS PEOPLE TO HELP. Guests cross our threshold with many issues in addition to homelessness, and identifying the right help for them is a challenge. HHC staff and volunteers help Veterans connect to programs just for them, offer healthcare onsite, and connect addicts to treatment, thus avoiding inadvertent overdose deaths that too often happen to those who are coming off the streets or out of institutions.

YOUR GIFT GIVES PEOPLE THE TOOLS they need to rebuild. Many guests have lost everything, and have no money, no phone, no id and only the clothes they are wearing. There is no welfare for single adults in Connecticut. They are destitute. From bus passes to cell phones, to fees to replace identification, a car repair, or clothes, we will even buy a ticket to another location where a guest has housing options, and furniture to make the beginning of a stay in a new home successful.

It is our privilege to partner with no fewer than 500 of our neighbors as they find their way out of homelessness each year. We look forward to partnering with YOU to continue this work.

Please support HHC. You will give hope to those who need it most, by beginning the chain of human connection, and you will help build a stronger and more compassionate community.